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The program of protection of patient

Of anti aids-antihepatitis

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"Of anti aids-antihepatitis"

 "Of anti aids-antihepatitis" .

The program of protection of patient antispid - the antihepatitis - The program of protection of patient antispid - the antihepatitis ,

The basic stage of program - AXIOMA ().

The key link of program "antispid-antihepatitis" In stomatology is a sterilisation of tips - rotating devices in which pine forests are established. if a tip not to change, fabric and tooth adjournment which remain on a tip rotor get to a mouth of the following patient and through damages mucous with a high probability can infect it. in our clinic the tip after each patient is cleaned, disinfected, then packed into a package and sterilised in an autoclave. the package is opened directly in the presence of the patient.
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