On august, 15th 2010
Correct nerves honey.
Honey application at treatment of some diseases of nervous system has received scientifically well-founded character. actively participating in an organism metabolism, beer honey has strengthening an effect on a nervous cage. glucose and fructose improve a food of cages, oxidising processes and strengthen action neutralising poisons therefore the quiet dream is provided, irritability decreases, sight improves, there is a vivacity, working capacity raises. such action of sugars amplifies vitamins and the mineral substances which are in honey. sodium and potassium in honey promote preservation of ionic balance in an organism and to functioning of nervous system. salutary influence renders beer honey on the people, suffering a neurosis. as a rule, that is on sale in the moscow drugstores, it is not necessary. for neurosis treatment pure flower honey (balkan, field, meadow,, mint, etc.) is recommended received from the bees who are not fed up by sugar or sweet syrups during time .
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On august, 05th 2010
Essentially new service of medical aid to children is created.
Essentially new service of medical aid to children which allows to cut down expenses of parents on health services of the child in 2 times is created.
On august, 1st 2010
It is careful! wild dogs, cats, mice!
From 1.06.01 till 31.07.01 in moscow it has been bitten more than 100 children by wild animals. first aid was in time in time. all children recover.

The initiative group of journalists of edition of the newspaper capital doctor during last time has spent independent poll of patients and employees of many moscow medical institutions. and poll main task rewarding of the medical institutions providing high quality of medical services With the sign thanks was unique!

The department of quality assurance of medical aid Of corporation the center of family medicine Accepts your complaints to quality of health services. we are assured that improvement of quality of health services is our common cause as on the basis of your opinion the rating of medical institutions of moscow and moscow region is formed!!!
We wish you a sound health!!!

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